Hrvastko Udruzenje za Zastika Zraka

Croatian Air Pollution Prevention Association (CAPPA)

Head Office

Postal address                 Visiting address
Ksaverska c. 2                 Ksaverska c. 2
10000 Zagreb                  Zagreb 
Tel: +385-1 4673 188
Fax: +385-1 4673 303


President: Gordana Pehnec, PhD Ms Sandra Krmpotic
Deputy President: Ms Sandra Krmpotic

Secretary General: Mr Krunoslav Premec

International Coordinator: Vladimira Vadjić, PhD 

Organisation and Objectives
Founded in 1973 as a regional society, it became a national association following Croatia’s recognition by the United Nations in 1992; it joined IUAPPA the same year. CAPPA joined EFCA in 1998. It is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation with individual and collective members. Its main objective is the protection of the environment from air pollution.


  • Liaison and exchange of information with other national and international scientific and technical organisations concerned with air quality;
  • Organisation of conferences, meetings and round table discussions on topical problems;
  • Conferences have been organised every second year since 1997 with the main topics: air pollution with suspended particulate matter and deposited matter; EU legislation in new member and candidate countries - experiences and problems (adoption of EU standards by national legislation; differences due to the legislation change). The 14th International Conference “Air Quality: Assessment and Policy at the Local, Regional and Global Scales” held 2003 in Dubrovnik, Croatia was organised by CAPPA and IUAPPA.
  • Assisting government and other authorities in matters relating to air pollution including the preparation of regulatory acts, such as air quality guide and limit values (1996), and emission limits and control techniques (1997), following the Croatian Law on Air Quality (1995); Air Protection Act (2004, 2008, 2011) and Ordinance on Limit Values of Pollutants in the air (2005, 2012).
  • Assisting in preparation of Croatian standards on air pollution.
  • In 2013, within the National Conference "Air Protection 2013" in Šibenik, Croatia, CAPPA and EFCA had a special session on Black Carbon Particles.