Swiss Society for Air Pollution Prevention

Head Office

Air Quality Control Basel

Reinstrasse 44



Tel.: +41 61 552 6229

Fax: +41 61 552 6981

E-mail: andrea.vonkaenel@bl.ch

Website : www.cerclair.ch



President                     :  Mr Andrea von Känel

Secretary                    :  Dr Beat Müller (beat.mueller@bafu.admin.ch) 

International Liaison     :  Mr Andrea von Känel (andrea.vonkaenel@bl.ch)

Vice-president             :  Dr Gerrit Nejedly (gerrit.nejedly@vol.be.ch)


Organisation and Objectives

The Swiss Society of Air Protection Officers (Cercl’Air) was founded in 1978. Members of the Society are the air pollution control units in the 26 cantons and several cities, representing about 160 specialists, and about 50 scientists and experts from research institutes. The Society’s main objective is to harmonize the implementation of air pollution control in the 26 cantons. About 12 working groups with experts from administration and science treat special problems of air pollution.

Publication of Guidelines and Statements

Newsletter – 3 issues per year (in German and French)