Co-benefits of Air Pollution and climate change policies

Special EFCA/IUAPPA session at IUAPPA's 15th World Clean Air Congress, 12-16 September 2010, Vancouver, Canada.

Programme of presentations

  • Linking air pollution and climate change legislation in Europe: an EFCA perspective. Joop van Ham, EFCA
  • Linking air pollution and climate change in local governments’ action plans: an EFCA perspective. Jean-Marie Rambaud, EFCA
  • Integrated assessment and co-control approaches. Bjarne Sivertsen, Norwegian Institute for Air Research
  • Effects of global financial crisis on medium-long term emission scenarios, in the perspective of air pollution and climate change. Tiziano Pignatelli, ENEA - Italian Agency for New Technology, Energy and Economic Sustainable Development, Rome, Italy
  • Implementing policies to reduce air pollution improve energy security and protect climate: where models lead, will leaders follow? Chris James, Regulatory Assistance Project, USA
  • Multi-pollutant air quality planning: The 2010 Bay Area Clean Air Plan. D. B. Burch; Bay Area Air Quality Management District, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Progress in promoting co-benefits approach in Asia. Katsunori Suzuki, Kanazawa University, Japan
  • An air pollution information network for African (APINA) perspective on air pollution and climate change. Sara Baisai Feresu, APINA Secretariat, Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Zimbabwe