Environmental Protection Scotland

Room 3, Caledonian Suite, 70 West Regent Street

United Kingdom
Tel. 0044 141 333 6655 
Fax: 0044 141 333 1116
E-mail: john.bynorth@ep-scotland.org.uk
Wesite: www.ep-scotland.org.uk

Principle officers
John Bynorth, Policy and Development Officer, International contacts
Mr Nigel Kerr, Chair of Board of Trustees
Dr W Gordon Mackay, Deputy of Board of Trustees

Organisation and objectives
Environmental Protection Scotland (EPS) was founded in 2012 and established following the contraction of Environmental Protection UK. It maintained and developed its membership services and has established itself as the national forum in Scotland for practitioners and policy makers in environmental protection and improvement to come together to

  • Share knowledge and best practice,
  • Provide quality training and development for environmental practitioners,
  • Support innovative practice, and
  • Provide impartial, scientific and critical analysis on European, UK and Scottish environmental legislation.

EPS works towards a cleaner, quieter, healthier, sustainable Scotland in the fields of air quality, land quality and noise.
In the first year of operation it has 75% of Scottish Local Authorities as members as well as the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Health Protection Scotland and a number of consultancies and universities.


  • Provide training events
  • Respond to relevant consultations

EPS is in the process of developing a number of publications and public information leaflets.