Polish Chamber of Commerce Ekorozwój

Polish Chamber of Commerce for Sustainable Development, (PIGE)

Head Office

ul. Krakowskie Przedmiesce 6
Tel./Fax Number : + 48 22 625 2632 
E-mail address: biuro@izbaekorozwoj.org.pl 
Website: www.pigeko.pl  

President : Mr Krzysztof Zaręba (biuro@izbaekorozwoj.org.pl)  
International Liaison : Mr Andrzej Jagusiewicz (andrzejjagusiewicz@yahoo.com

Organisation and objectives

Polish Chamber of Commerce for Sustainable Development was founded on 24 October 1997. Its basic mandate is to promote sustainable development across the whole economy and specific sectors. The membership is thus open to self-administration, scientific institutions and/or scientists, companies and individuals engaged in the process and supporting by their activities and position the rules of sustainable development. The Chamber counts at present almost 100 members. 
The Chamber is a non-profit organization and performs its mandate through delivering statements and opinions, organizing conferences and seminars, providing consultancy services to its members and strengthening the international cooperation with sister organizations in the EU and globally under the umbrella of the UN system or bilaterally.