Svenska Luftvardsföreningen

Swedish Clean Air Society (SCAS)

Postal address:

President                 : Marie Haeger-Eugensson 

Secretary                 : Gunnar Hovsenius

International Liaison : Marie-Haeger-Eugensson (  


Organization and objectives
The society is a non-commercial society the purpose of which is to enlarge knowledge and exchange of experience within its range of activity. The society shall work together with and be the link to comparable organisations in other countries. The activities of the society shall be aimed at the need of individuals for knowledge and information. This includes the support of an increased research and development level within its range of activity.

The society’s range of activities is primarily clean air in the outdoor environment, the environmental effects of air contaminants and the control of unsuitable emissions to air.

The society was officially founded in November 1993 at the initiative of its present president and is sponsored by VVS-Tekniska Föreningen. SCAS has about 110 individual members.

SCAS organizes whole-day symposia for its members in spring and autumn on themes of interest. Its web site is a main means of information as close to 100 percent of the members have access to internet. Thus the proceedings from symposia are shown there. A new service will be to distribute press releases and similar material as e-mails.

SCAS enjoys hospitality in Energi & Miljö, which is published monthly by VVS-Tekniska Föreningen.



c/o Hovsenius Konsult

Tunavagan 32

S-19455 UPPLANDS-Väsby