Special sessions at Conferences

 Special Sessions at Conferences

  • Special session: Particulate matter and health problems, 23-27 September 2016, Busan, Korea; contribution to the 17th IUAPPA World Clean Air Congress and 9th Better Air Quality Conference
  • Special session: Aerosol fractions, climate forcing and air pollution, 6 November 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands, as part of the 7th Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases Symposium



  • Special session: Mediterranean Transboundary Air Pollution, 11 September 2012, Istanbul, Turkey, as part of AQM2012 (Details).



  • Special Session on : CHARACTERIZATION AND RISK ASSESSMENT, 8 September 2006, Lille, France, as part of a Conference on Air Pollution and Environmental Health. From science to action : the challenge of particulate matter (Details)


  • Special Session on Shipping emissions Shipping Emissions, 28 September 2005, Istanbul, Turkey, as part of TUNCAP's 3d Int. Symp. on Air Quality Management (AQM2005)